RE/MAX Franchise Application.

RE/MAX offers the opportunity to join their worldwide #1 Real Estate network of franchisee-owned and operated offices. By establishing your own RE/MAX office in Lebanon you have the freedom to run your office and recruit your team, with the added value of being able to access cutting-edge technology and worldwide approved training.

The franchise network opens doors to referrals within Lebanon as well as globally, generating worldwide leads.

Applicant Information

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Highest Educational Qualification:
What are the main reasons for applying for RE/MAX franchise?
Previous Real Estate experience? If yes, how many years?
*How did you hear about RE/MAX ?


As for any additional information such as resume or letters of recommendation that you wish us to consider when evaluating your application, please email them to us on Should your discovery evolve to a franchise award please note that we will require further information and documents.
Thank you for taking the time to complete your application.